Magic Icosahedron Shirt
  • Magic Icosahedron Shirt


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A black, 100% ring spun cotton tee sits before you. As it adorns your body, you feel a great pulse of arcane energy rush through you. You feel the softness of the garment as your fingertips begin to tingle with magical power, and you can see the true nature of the universe.

Grants +1 to Charisma and advantage to all Arcana rolls.

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Owlbear Koozie
  • Owlbear Koozie


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It is late as you sit by the campfire. You have chosen to take first watch as your party slumbers near you. Deep in the woods, you hear a rustling of leaves. As you squint to catch a glimpse of what creature has wandered toward you, you see the light of the fire glint off of a sharp beak. You breathe in deeply to let out a scream, but the creature approaches you calmly and offers you a beverage it has kept nice and cold in a foam sheath. "Thank you," you say. "Let's crush some beers," it replies.

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