"From dirty basements did emerge / a lonesome beast of song / let out a roar and cowered back / with a wail of sorrow's dirge.

A giant then came stumbling forth / and bellowed out a tone / that shook the ground beneath our feet / as he brandished steel strings four.

The quiet shadows parted quick / to produce and impish form / whose keys did jangle - eighty eight / 'Ah brah!' it slyly quipped.

I wept then at what met my sight / a fourth and final creature / pounding rhythms fit for war / that echoed through the night."

Cry of the Adventuring Party  Unknown, 1390

from A Collection of Rare and Epic Poems of a Rather Perplexing Oblique Rhyme Scheme

The Adventuring Party formed in 2015 and then became a band in 2017.  The years leading up to that, Brian was a solo act, occasionally playing with friends, but without a true band.  The 2015 Adventuring Party was just a group of friends who decided to get together to play D&D after talking about how much they missed it outside of a show on which they all shared a bill.  Shortly after committing to a band together, they took what was to be Brian's next solo record and went into the studio to make "Basilisk".

From there, they did what normal bands do - write music, play shows, hit the road as much as possible, and develop a long, ridiculous group text thread that is 80% animated gifs, 15% nonsense, and about 5% of actual band discussion.

They still play D&D and are on their third campaign as a band.