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The Adventuring Party set out once again in search of glory! Kulgar, the local barkeep, informs our intrepid adventurers of a fabled tomb filled with riches beyond their imaginations deep beneath Mount Rock. Though many have been tempted by its fortunes, few have returned from the perilous caverns and those that have returned empty-handed at best. Of course, Kulgar explains, they won't get very far without the key and some protective clothing. As he presents a ring-spun cotton tee and a twelve-inch yellow disc, he slyly grins. Everything has its price.

"DLC" is The Adventuring Party's follow-up to 2018's "Basilisk". Recorded at Matt's parents' house during a long winter weekend in 2019 and completed incrementally through the fall of 2020, what resulted were some new arrangements of older songs like "Moose II" and fan favorite "The Magnus Organ" as well as brand new songs like "Castlemania" and newly minted "A Voicemail...". Additionally, and only available on vinyl, Bad Religion's "Skyscraper" gets a folk-punk makeover, and the credits roll over "Super Castlemania".

"DLC" finds The Adventuring Party's sound building upon what it is and looking out toward what it wants to be by marrying its folk and Americana roots with dreamy and prog-rock tendencies.

All preorders come with an exclusive poster with art by @8bitstories // pressing limited to 100

Expected to ship 07/06/2021

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