On Firsts, Rebirth, and Beer


Yesterday was our first show. That’s a strange thing to say considering I’ve been playing out for over half a decade, have several releases, a brand new LP all but in the can, and have been in this particular band for about a year. However, the Adventuring Party made its way to the stage for the first time ever yesterday.

I sat by the stage as Danny and the Boys played one last song with a strange calm and underlying electric tingle, decked out in my finest top-to-bottom denim, drinking in the moment; nothing past nor future entered my mind - I was just there. The music ended, the event organizer made a short speech, and then it just started happening. Jay began to play the intro to the set (and the record - oh man, I cannot wait for you to hear it!), we readied ourselves, looked back to Rory, “...two, three, four...”

And the tingle became a spark, and we became kinetic.

Then, for the next forty-five minutes, I was actually the singer of the Adventuring Party.

I try not to be sentimental, but I can’t help myself today. The dudes in that picture above have worked tirelessly to bring my songs to life, and yesterday felt like the spark that actually made them alive.

So thank you, Jay, Matt, and Rory, for joining me on a new quest for adventure. We are now finally battle-tested and ready to take on the world.

(photo by Craig Cirinelli of Hidden Cabins)


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